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Welcome to the press room, where we’ll be updating like crazy on where you can find PS excerpts, reviews, and mentions!

*The October issue of Good Housekeeping features Alice Lesch Kelly’s moving “Who Needs Pink Ribbons with a Friend Like You?”

*You think you know all there is to know about Portland? Think again. Witty fashion writer Karen Vitt has created an online style magazine called The Neat Sheet, which features all the cool (or should we say neat?) things about Portland. Look at her blog mentioning us, and stay tuned for her other fabulous, fashionista ideas on all things to see and do in PDX.

*Book publicity expert Sandra Beckwith interviewed editor Megan McMorris about how she created a book trailer, check out the link at and stick around to learn about her classes and expertise, she’s a pro (and super-nice too!).

*EQ the Mouse of Electric Quilt Company is a gentlemouse from another era. He’s the mascot, and the cute furry face underneath the press hat, and as we discovered, he’s a super reporter to boot. Here, he interviews editor Megan McMorris about P.S., partying like it’s 1999, and where his next cheese cube might come from.

*Caitlin Kelly blogs about P.S. on, including excerpts from Michelle Goodman and Sophia Dembling, and nods to Sara Benincasa and Jacquelyn Mitchard.

*Irene Levine, author of Best Friends Forever (see Companion Book for details), interviewed editor Megan McMorris on her childhood buddies, frenemies, and her friend Pete’s dorky glasses…

*Editor Megan McMorris was on the Daria and Mitch show on Wednesday October 14 beginning at 4:30 pm where she talked about the upcoming Powell’s Hawthorne event on the 15th and discuss the juicy contents of P.S. What I Didn’t Say!

*Editor Megan McMorris was a guest on KATU’s AM Northwest morning show on Thursday, October 15, discussing P.S. and the Powell’s Hawthorne event! Here’s a link to the interview:

*Editor Megan McMorris writes about the “5 Friends Every Woman Needs (and three you should drop-kick stat)” on AOL’s Lemondrop site…

*Contributor Susan Johnston wrote a moving blog post about her experience trying to help her roommate who battled bulimia (expanding upon her original letter in P.S.) for Lemondrop, check it out!

*Ingrid King gives rave reviews to P.S. in her Conscious Cat blog, in which she mentions Jacquelyn Mitchard, Kristina Wright and Megan McMorris‘s letters in particular…

*Editor Megan McMorris is a guest blogger at (the coolest independent bookstore on earth!) for the entire week of November 16 to 20. Here’s the link:

*Editor Megan McMorris was interviewed on Chicago’s WGN Mid-Day News, check it out!,0,4944527.story

*Look for the Winter issue of Bitch magazine, which will include a review of P.S.!

Read what others have said about P.S.:

“These beautifully written letters carry a remarkable power. Some are bravely, achingly honest. Others are just plain buoyant. This is a book sure to inspire any woman who has ever had a friend.”– Jeffrey Zaslow, author of “The Girls from Ames” and coauthor, “The Last Lecture.”

“Too often, even best friendships end with hurt feelings and unexpressed sentiments. The diverse collection of letters in P.S. What I Didn’t Say give voice to the depth and complexity of female friendships. In so doing, the book helps readers better understand themselves and these relationships.” —Irene S. Levine, PhD, author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup With Your Best Friend, Professor of Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine

If you want a review copy, please contact the publicist for P.S.:

Andie East, publicist at Seal Press


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