author spotlight: Jenna Schnuer

In “Butt Paste, Bass, and Beyond: An On-the-Road Friendship,” Jenna Schnuer pays tribute to a unique friendship she struck up with a fellow travel writer who recently died. In this excerpt, she describes what made their bond anything but ordinary:

“When we saw each other, it wasn’t like we sat down and had big conversations about life’s trickiest issues. We really didn’t even talk about the little details of regular life all that much. I knew you were married, but if you had quizzed me about your husband’s name, I would have failed miserably. I have no idea what foods you liked most, or which way you leaned politically. Those details didn’t matter to our friendship. Because what I did know was how to crack you up. I knew that you liked little side comments and a bit of snark. Now that I think about it, that’s probably why our friendship was so important to me. It was based on taking the piss out of each other. It was a refuge from life’s little annoyances (and, if I’m being honest, the stupidity of others). I knew that I could always turn to you to make fun of this or that, and that you’d think it was funny. Even if I was poking fun at you. (Thanks for not smacking me when, after learning you were a big-time fisherwoman, I started calling you The Bassmistress. In public.)”

JENNA SCHNUER has a tendency to swerve between very social and “I just want to be alone” moods, but the NYC-based freelance writer is wildly loyal to her friends (though admittedly, not so good at keeping in touch at times). When she’s not thinking deep thoughts about friendship (so, that would be most of the
time), Jenna spends her days writing about travel, food, and random bits of this and that. Her magazine credits include American Way, Continental, National Geographic Traveler, and many others. Along with fellow contributor Sophia Dembling, Jenna cowrites the Flyover America blog ( Want more? Visit her online at

Read the rest of Jenna’s letter (which will explain the entire title too!), and 35 others, when PS What I Didn’t Say: Unsent Letters to Our Female Friends comes out Oct. 1!

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2 responses to “author spotlight: Jenna Schnuer

  1. love the “possibly related post” hee hee!

  2. Beverly Nester Keen

    “taking the piss out of one another”, I love that
    expression and will borrow it frequently. Great

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